Camst: a cooperative formed by cooperative members and contributing members.

Camst is a cooperative catering society.

This means that the people working there are to all effects co-owners as well as being employees. The shared conviction is that all men and women working at Camst are true entrepreneurs and the driving force of the cooperative society’s success.

In Camst there are two ways of becoming a member:

  • contributing member
  • cooperative member

Members of both categories can invest their savings in Camst.

Contributing members:

The contributing member is an external member that does not work in the cooperative but has chosen to invest a part of his/her savings in Camst. They participate by purchasing investment shares at 26 euro each, for a maximum of 1000.

Cooperative members:

All employees having a fixed term contract can become cooperative members by applying to the Board of Directors through the Corporate Affairs Office (for the Bologna area) and the Administrative Offices located in all those areas where the company is present. The cooperative member purchases corporation stock, established by the general assembly of partners at 800 euro, up until the maximum by law of 100 thousand euro.

Corporation stock is paid for through the pay slip choosing the modalities of 1%, 2%, 3%, 5%, etc., of net monthly salary. The first payment cannot be less than 26 euro.

vThe cooperative member can also be a contributing member.