The Camst Group, with 10 companies in Italy (including Bassa Romagna Catering, Matilde Ristorazione, Serimi, GI - Gastronomia Italiana, Due Castelli, Se.R.A., Day Ristoservice, Gerist), one in Germany (Lohmeier), two in Denmark (Tingstrom e Cheval Blanc) and a company in Spain (Arcasa), has a turnover of 626 millions euro, 13.000 employees, producing 115 millions meals a year.

The corporate group, headed by Camst, is solid and successful and can boast an ever-increasing turnover of more than 33 years.

The Group’s stability is well expressed by the results of its financial statement and work growth, with a steady increase in investments and social commitment.

The Corporate Group

Today the Camst Group participates in more than 20 companies, mostly controlled or linked to the group including:

  • Companies offering integrated services to individuals, companies and public bodies such as Day RistoService, providing services through the issuing of luncheon vouchers; others deal in the supervision of cleaning services or medicines;
  • Companies that carry out complementary activities, always in line with the head company; e.g. fairground catering at Rimini and Florence, banqueting services and specialized catering.
  • Joint public-private company, born based on collaboration between Camst and Public Bodies, which deal mainly in the direct management of school canteens.