Camst is a leader in Italian catering, the main Italian centre, present in every aspect of catering sectors in the centre and north of the country.

Camst is a cooperative that invests in people that for more than 70 years, every single day, has been bringing the quality of home cooking to schools, companies, towns and cities, hospitals and fairgrounds. Joining the taste of traditional Italian cuisine and modern innovation. A reality, which lives in the present, but always with an eye to the future.

Camst is specialized in all sectors of catering, from collective to commercial, with personalized services to cater for every customer need. It guarantees tradition, good food, controlled ingredients, certified safety and quality.

In cohesion with its cooperative society nature, Camst also aims at boosting its own social responsibility and in December 2007 obtained the certification of its own Management System for Social Responsibility.

In school catering, Camst was the first company in Italy to enter the school canteen market and first in terms of turnover.

In commercial catering Camst is widespread over towns and cities, commercial, fairgrounds and artisan and industrial centres with different brands.

Camst is amongst the leading companies also in catering for companies producing 20 million meals a year, managing internal company canteens as well as transported meals.

Camst handles healthcare catering in approximately 200 public and private health structures: care and rest homes, hospitals, private clinics, rehabilitation centres and assistance institutes.

With the name of Party Ricevimenti, characterized by professional chefs and continuous gastronomic experimentation, Camst prepares catering and party for large events and special occasions.

The company also produces modified atmosphere meals for cafeterias, hotels, large retailers and vending machines.

The company’s strong points are the prompt and efficient answer to customer needs and customer service, flexibility and territorial presence allow to efficiently responding to each customer’s specific requirements, respecting local gastronomic traditions.

Camst has an extremely solid organizational, economic and financial structure; it is a company “of ever increasing results” and has merged its well-established entrepreneurial and corporate principles, achieving amazing results in economic terms as well as product quality, respecting the environment and creating new places of work.

Thanks to its tight network of commercial managers, customer service and food specialists that weave privileged relationships with every customer, Camst guarantees active listening and excellent problem solving management.