Hospitals, private clinics, rest homes and rehabilitation centres require certified quality and guaranteed professionalism that are able to respond to a varied and complex reality. For this Camst responds with maximum flexibility, guaranteed ingredients and organization, but also with an eye to a special detail made up of small daily attentions. Thus, every patient feels at ease.

Patients in public or private hospitals need a customized food service: for each one, Camst selects ingredients that respect the highest qualitative standards. Personalized menus studied by experts in collaboration with doctors and dieticians respecting special diets, nutritional parameters and a variety of good meals.

Moreover, Camst provides an entire specialist staff for healthcare structures paying particular attention to hygiene-health problem solving.

Camst proposes a series of solutions able to satisfy every need:

  • Complete kitchen supervision at customer
  • Meal preparation in the Central Kitchens that are delivered to the customer (transported meals)
  • Possibility of purchasing uncooked produce
  • Personalized cooking methods
  • Vending Machines

Camst also offers:

  • Supervision of refreshment bars, cafeterias, snack bars and self-services open all day long for healthcare workers and visitors
  • Technical-computer support for customized management of meals and diets
  • Other offers and advantages

Every day Camst reaches more than 110 structures throughout Italy and handles over 8 million meals in public and private healthcare structures, always guaranteeing maximum efficiency and reliability.