From public and private assistance institutes to rest homes and daily centres for the elderly: Camst service strives to be impeccable everywhere. Camst attentively supervises every phase of the food preparation process: from selecting ingredients right up to the table.

Camst service consists of qualified people who collaborate with doctors and dieticians in creating personalized diets, without neglecting the variety and goodness of the dishes.

All production, packing, transport and distributions procedures are certified.

In these structures, mealtimes are an important moment for socializing and attention. To this aim, Camst provides efficient, customized and complete solutions to meet any organizational and economic requirement.

Thus, the meal is just not food, but also service, embracing hospitality and assistance.

Camst proposes tailor-made solutions through:

  • Direct kitchen supervision of institutes and centres
  • Meal preparation in the Central Kitchens, then delivered to the customer (transported meals)
  • Possibility of purchasing uncooked produce furthermore,

Camst offers:

  • Computerized support for customized meal supervision
  • Supervision of refreshment bars, cafeterias, self-service restaurants open all day for healthcare personnel and visitors
  • Other Camst offers and advantages