The customer is central. Based upon this belief Camst has developed its offer of company catering. The number of companies bears witness to this success: 18 million meals served in company canteens, 800 cooks and a great team of staff ready to satisfy every single need, guided by values of care, service and quality. Camst is able to offer a customized service for each company, taking into consideration every detail: from small companies and single professionals, to medium and large industrial and third party companies. Camst proposes various customized solutions for these customers:

  • Direct management of internal company kitchens with articulated projects covering all the organizational phases of the customer’s canteen
  • Intercompany catering with the Tavolamica self-service with the Ok Card conventions or luncheon vouchers
  • Supply of meals prepared in the Central Kitchen and delivered to the company without having to use the internal kitchen, but with the possibility of organizing the service at customer location
  • Supervision of company cafeterias for fast service, snacks and coffee breaks
  • Vending machines situated in the company dedicated to breaks during the working day Flexibility is definitely one of the various strong points, which lends the company a competitive advantage.

Ranging from the ability of providing a package service but also of planning entirely customized solutions; from the definition of daily meals to the planning and computer management of all company catering phases, without forgetting the supervision of catering service in executive and guest lounges plus the organization of business lunches, receptions and coffee breaks in occasion of conferences, meetings and company congresses.

Camst company service becomes even more personalized: the new On Web Companies portal is online, a direct and fast way of communicating with the customer company.

On Web Companies is an exclusive online service reserved only for some companies, with a dynamic and intuitive interface for booking a personal lunch box/basket, consult the menu of the day, the real time position of one’s orders and be up-to-date with company news.


The challenge that Camst faces every day is exactly that of maintaining high quality. Everyone’s dream is to eat at the company just like at home; Camst has the certainty of responding to every customer and is convinced of its Excellency because of the quality of its ingredients and attentive controls carried out on all food and transformation processes. The balanced diet and variety of menus make up a rich and complete offer that embraces ethnic, international and “well-being” food considered as the new tendency of modern company catering.

Furthermore, powered by management experience, Camst offers:

  • Technical-computer support and control services
  • Project Financing and financing