Magnosfera combines the formula of restaurant, pizzeria and snack bar in one catering service.

Located in shopping malls and town/city centres in small, welcoming settings, Magnosfera self-service restaurants propose a fast, free and personalised choice, at lunch as well as dinner.

With Magnosfera, Camst responds to modern rhythms, with a dynamic and quality catering: all food is prepared using fresh produce and is elaborated respecting the most modern nutritional concepts, in the choice of ingredients and dishes, in service and reception.

The gastronomic choice of the Magnosfera restaurants is wide and varies every day:

  • traditional first and main courses
  • main courses of fish, meat and vegetables prepared on the wood fired barbecue 
  • buffet with cold dishes and salads
  • freshly prepared elaborate all-in-one courses
  • fried appetizers
  • large choice of snacks

Choosing Magnosfera means being able to benefit from offers and promotions and advantages of the Ok Card, the rechargeable card that personalises your lunch.