Self-service and à la carte restaurants, pizzerias, cafeterias: to discover good Italian food.

Camst is leader of the lunch break with its chain of restaurants, cafeterias and refreshment stands located all over central north Italy.

With its 150 or so locations, Camst is a reference operator in the sector of commercial catering.

In the Camst self-services and restaurants, break times are tasty and unique because Camst makes you feel at home; and the Ok Card adds many advantages to enjoying Camst.

The wide offer of the Camst chefs is made up of prime ingredients and is inspired by traditional dishes, with different menus that vary every day.

The cafeterias propose a service born from the combination of a consolidated tradition of Italian style cafeterias and the most modern snack bars, ideal for breakfast or coffee breaks, for a tasty light lunch and aperitifs.

The staff’s courteousness, the guarantee of fresh ingredients and food prepared in front of you all go to make Camst restaurants and cafeterias enjoyable and pleasant. Whether it be a lunch break or dinner at the theatre, with Camst the guarantee is always the same: that of finding the most suitable solution when eating out.

Camst offers its customers various catering solutions: in town/city centres, shopping malls, fairgrounds, industrial and artisan centres, hospitals, theatres and universities in the main towns and cities of central north Italy.

Our locations

  • Tavolamica: self-service restaurants for business people and companies, situated in artisan and industrial zones ideal for the lunch break
  • Magnosfera: self-service restaurants in shopping malls and town/city centres
  • Gustamì: fast service
  • Camst Café: Camst cafeterias and snack bars
  • Oltremodo: table service restaurant, ideal also for a happy hour, with a rich and varied buffet; it also offers a catering and banqueting service.