Camst dedicates special attention to all pupils at public and private school: a reality able to render every school meal a satisfying experience, following the growth of your children from nursery school, to primary and senior school, right up to university. The offer entails balanced school menus, healthy, personalized and prepared with certified ingredients. Specialized staff from different local sectors is at the customer’s service.

Camst’s staff is fully aware of the specific demands of each reality and meticulously responds with customized solutions concerning schedules, produce used, menus, distribution methods, customer service and interaction with users.

Every customer can count on a safe, reliable, quality and prompt certified service daily.

Because a quality company is made up of quality people.

Camst was the first Italian enterprise to enter the school catering market in 1973, and is currently the sector reference point with a turnover of more than 100 million euro and over 22 million meals per year.

From the close collaboration with education offices and Local Health Districts in charge of assessing diets, personalized menus were studied according to appropriate nutritional indications for each age group.

For years, Camst has been engaged in the elaboration of communication plans and dietary education to improve the rapport and relationship with service users. User communication, information and training campaigns, involving children, parents and teachers wishing to contribute to a correct nutrition awareness in the school world.

Camst proposes a different integrated and studied food service for each single customer:

  • School kitchens
  • From the Central Kitchens to school canteens
  • Purchase of safe ingredients

Moreover, powered by its experience in the management sector, Camst offers:

  • Fee and online booking supervision
  • Technical-computer support
  • Project financing and financing to renovate locales, plants and equipment
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