Tavolamica is a catering service dedicated to the lunch break for professionals, company employees and artisans, and is present in industrial and artisan areas of central north Italy.

A self-service formula available at hot and cold islands adjacent to snack bars offering a wide variety of fresh produce prepared in real time.

In the 52 Camst Tavolamica self-service restaurants, one can also sample innovative recipes: from ethnic to traditional and regional to international dishes.

The freshly prepared first courses are typically Italian but are also inspired by ethnic and international recipes recreated by the Camst chefs.

Main courses are prepared using different cooking methods and very often also on a wood fired barbecue with grill and spit for meat, vegetables and fish. Moreover, many Tavolamica self-service restaurants have special pizza ovens.

The cold buffet area is rich in fruit, fresh and cooked vegetables, tasty cold dishes and desserts.

Tavolamica offers an extremely modern service granting the possibility of creating meals in a free, fast and personalized way, with a variety of different menus every day.

Just like all Camst solutions, also Tavolamica is orientated towards product excellency in terms of selected ingredients as well as preparation and cooking; the diversified gastronomic offer revolves around the customer with a cordial and friendly service every day.

Because Camst knows how to be the home kitchen away from home.

In the Tavolamica restaurants, one can choose among the numerous advantages offered by the Ok Card, the rechargeable card that personalises your lunch break.