Every day Camst invites university students to eat all over Italy: in fact it supervises restaurants, self-services, cafeterias and snack bars inside the most important universities, always guaranteeing a professional service, safe ingredients and dedicated staff.

Camst proposes different catering and cafeteria solutions in university and technical centres:

  • Camst university canteens with the classical self-service formula
  • Camst Cafè university cafeterias born to satisfy a fast lunch break
  • Camst Campus: a completely new format based on modern catering

Camst Campus 

Camst has conceived the university restaurant as a meeting point of student needs, proper nutrition information, a healthy menu and personalized catering areas.

In line with traditional gastronomic solutions, Camst also offers an innovative angle by interpreting the latest demands concerning food with two distribution lines: traditional and fast.

The Camst Campus project is developed according to the characteristics of the university world: furnishing, colours and setting, a communication area especially planned for young people attending university. Personalized communication and information become multimedia and immediate, with pleasant warm colours and modern dynamic decorations.

Extra features of the Camst Campus format are:

Funny Campus: a culinary proposal for university students offering traditional food as well as a dynamic service, catering that satisfies the intense rhythm of university life Menu on TV: the Camst Campus video format is used for displaying a sliding and timed presentation on LCD screens of the weekly menu and real time images of canteen access indicating eventual waiting times. Computer management of presence and payment: a functional and integrated catering service support.