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Problems in viewing the page can be due to interlocks (pop-ups): verify browser settings and eventually disable browser pop-ups or research toolbar. Do not forget the “user name” and “password” you have chosen, only with these will you be able to update and modify your data at later access, download data recovery file.

Working with us is easy!

Thanks to a simple and rapid registration, you can access your personal page where the following activities can be performed:

  • insert/modify your professional profile with the possibility of attaching your C.V.;
  • view vacancies in the CAMST Group;
  • directly apply to one or more vacancies;
  • check your application status.

Registering your application on our site is the most simple and effective way of contacting us, rendering the sending of your printed C.V. unnecessary.

With the personal “user” and “password” you can rapidly update or modify your data whenever you want.

Inserted information shall be directly filed in the CAMST Group database facilitating the comparison between present applications and open vacancies.

Entering Our Group means becoming part of a context where people are the centre of attention sharing principles and cooperation values.

We are seeking, developing and awarding people having solid professional, technical and organizational competences but especially who convey understanding and cognizance towards the customer, active listening and communication skills.

We encourage collaboration in achieving common objectives, we award fantasy and initiative in resolving everyday problems.

We base our success upon the conviction that each person’s commitment and work are necessary in order to make the cooperative society grow over time.

Happy Compilation!!!